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Every once in a while, you'll download a file with the extension '.zip'. If you don't have WinZip installed on your computer, your computer won't be able to recognize or use the file. It might look like this

However, once you have WinZip installed, you will see a more satisfying

or perhaps if you download the new version below.

Most computers already have it. If you ever see the either of the above two icons then you have it. Search for it by using the 'Find' technique on this page. If you don't have it though, don't panic. You can get the latest version right here. After downloading and installing it, your all set. By the way, make sure to select WinZip Classic and not WinZip wizard DURING THE INSTALLATION. WinZip classic is easier. Find your previously unrecognized file in My Computer or Windows Explorer  and double click on it.

Select "I Agree"

click on the file and click Extract

a window like this will open up

type in the folder (using the folder address method) or find it by clicking on the drives and folders where you want to place your download and click extract.

Your file shall now be found at the file you just selected.

You can now close the WinZip program.

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