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Finding A Lost File

 OK so lets say you forgot to look at what folder you put your brand new picture of a kitten or something (something you should never ever do!) There's a simple way to find it. Go to your best friend over down there in the corner. The Start Menu. Select 'Find' or 'Search' (it depends on the Windows version) and select 'Files or Folders'.

A window will come up.  In the top section, you type in the name you thought the file had or maybe the first few letters of the name. In the second section where it says 'Containing Text', just leave it blank.  In the third section, you pick what drive you want to search in (C:, M:, A:, etc) or you could select My Computer and search through all of the drives. Most likely, it's on the C: drive. The C: drive is the hard drive. Make sure the 'include subfolders' box is checked. Hit find now and a list will come up with files on your computer with the name or a name similar to the one you typed in.

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